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The Rosh Yeshiva works tirelessly to ensure that Torah Learning is delightful and accessible for all those who seek it. 

Yeshiva of Staten Island:  Founded by Hagaon Harav Moshe Feinstein, the Yeshiva, with Harav Reuven shlit”a at its helm, continues to perform the holy task of engaging minds young and old, imparting the immeasurable value of living a life based in the practical application of the Torah themes and concepts taught and embodied by the outstanding Rebbeim of the Yeshiva.   

The Nahar Shalom Project: An ongoing project to publish the Rosh Yeshiva’s written works on the Weekly Parsha.  The eloquently worded texts make an ideal Shabbos table read, providing much food for thought provoking discussion. 

Chumash Shiur Live: Though originally intended as a temporary solution during COVID until in person learning could resume, the addition of Zoom access to the Rosh Yeshiva’s weekly pearls of Parsha wisdom has been invaluable, providing an up-close Torah learning experience to so many who would otherwise not have the opportunity. 

Nahar U’Pashtei:  A weekly D’var Torah written with the guidance of the Rosh Yeshiva and disseminated via email.  It is based on the teachings in the Nahar Sholom and interwoven with life lessons learned from current world events.  Another avenue of connection to Torah and to the Yeshiva, this newsletter enhances the Erev Shabbos atmosphere of those who have the privilege of perusing its contents. 

Bais Medrash of Camp YSI:  Built from the ground up in record time, the spacious new Bais Medrash at Camp Yeshiva Staten Island provides an atmosphere conducive to learning and growth for those who choose to spend their summers ensconced within this hall of holy Torah study.  

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